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Interior Landscaping Testimonials

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  • Metro Tropical Plant has been our vendor for over 10 years.  The company is extremely service oriented and always aiming to please. If ever an issue, a response is made within a 24 hour period and resolved immediately.  Their selection of plants, flowers, and arrangements has complimented our office and been admired by our clients through the years.  The staff is quite exceptional as well.  A pleasure to do business with.
  • Metro Tropical Plant Co. is like a breath of fresh air in our office space ;0)
  • The greatest compliment that I can give your company is that I just don’t even need to think about you.  It’s rare when a vendor’s service is so consistent and of such high quality, that you just never have to be concerned about them.  For 10 years you’ve provided that kind of service.  Our plants always look lush and beautiful, and any potential concern is taken care of before it even comes to our attention!  Thanks, Metro-Tropical, for being one of the rare vendors who values quality service, and provides it with a smile!