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Interior Plant Maintenance Services

To keep your office space looking its best year round and to protect your investment, we strongly recommend our professional maintenance and plant care services.

All of our interior plants are maintained by our experienced, professional staff.  We use the highest quality plant material and we guarantee that it will thrive in your environment.  We also carry a full line of decorative containers to complement our plants and your environment. Every attempt will be made to satisfy specific design and budget requirements. Flowering plant programs, holiday items, and seasonal exterior plantings are also available and further demonstrate our creative abilities.

Metro Tropical Plant Company's uniformed service technicians provide all the necessary care and maintenance of the lush tropical plants used in the interiorscapes we install.

Routine plant care and maintenance visits include:

  • watering
  • routine fertilization
  • cleaning and dusting of foliage
  • trimming and pruning to maintain the shape and health of our plants
  • inspection for and eradication of pests if necessary
  • Intergrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs are available as a safe alternative to chemical application
  • We hold Massachusetts Pesticide Applicator Licences